Brick-and-mortar store visits should be memorable.

We want to help cafes and restaurants become more resilient by feeding your customers more than just basic sustenance.

How might this work?


Hands-off and no labour cost to you.

Enabled via self-checkout, automated payment technology through deployment of Square Terminals.


Time is precious. We filter out the noise so that your customers will see only the highest quality physical books.

Books are timeless - as tools for learning, life catalysts, gifts for others or mementos of special occassions.


Brick-and-mortar stores turned into vibrant, offline spaces for learning.

Great books by themselves are not enough - the real lessons that stick are earnt through the application of knowledge learnt and sharing those stories with others.


Where are we going?

The Third Place

“ We all need somewhere to go. Somewhere that’s not work and somewhere that’s not home. Somewhere we can meet people — people we know and, sometimes, people we don’t. We all need a place that’s open and non-judgemental, that’s accessible and accommodating, that’s casual and lively and fun. Somewhere where we can consume, but isn’t just about consumption. Somewhere we can meet, somewhere we can talk, somewhere we can just be. We all need a third place. ”
- Henry Oliver

By working in partnership with local businesses, we see a future of emergent, satellite learning communities all over Australia, where individuals are empowered to learn well and more high quality books are in the hands, eyes and hearts of more people.

Are you in?

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